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International Peace Garden Foundation
"Let the seeds of peace begin here and spread throughout the world"



The International Peace Garden Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(C) 3

organization initiated and managed by volunteers.


Tax exempt certificate will be provided at year end , for US residents only.


We thank you for your kind generosity. We look forward to your garden continuing to be a member , and we also welcome new members  joining our worldwide network!

 Kindly complete all fields on the registration form below and Process Payment to

Register /Renew Your Honorary International Peace Garden ,

or Your Private Garden.


We offer options to REGISTER or RENEW annually, based on whether or not you charge an entry fee.

Carefully Select The Correct Option*
*One only

 * The above does not apply to your home private garden

Thanks for registering! You are now part of our growing world network!

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