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Peace Garden Dublin, Ireland 2006

This luscious garden is located on the grounds of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Considered to be one of the most sacred places in all of southern Ireland.


Peace Garden Bern, Switzerland 2007

This delightful Garden is in front of Universal Postal Union in Bern. Alexander Tschappat was deeply involved in coordinating this project at the time.  Defender of the universal postal service, protector of the single postal territory, arbitrator, coordinator, developer, facilitator, promoter and organizer – this is what makes the Universal Postal Union continue to be a necessary and valued organization after 130 years! 

Peace Garden Kiev, Ukraine 2008

Located in a central garden near City Hall andTaras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Mayor at the time was Mayor Chernovetsky.  Significant planning was undertaken with the office of International Affairs under the direction of Taras Golota.   

Peace Garden Istanbul, Turkey 2009

This symbol of peace is located at Main Gate of the Constantinapolis Istanbul Gate.  Adjacent to Old City Wall. Ipgf Director, Emin Cakmak, was closely involved in the development of this garden and has been appointed as advisor to IPGF on European Affairs.


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International Peace Garden 2007 Bern , Switzerland

International Peace Garden 2006 Dublin, Ireland

International Peace Garden 2008 Kiev Ukraine

International Peace Garden 2009 Istanbul,Turkey

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