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Peace Garden Hiroshima 2001


This beautiful garden is located in Peace Memorial Park. Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba chose this sacred location to signify the fragility of peace.  He continues to this day to be very involved in elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide. 

Peace Garden Vienna 2002


This magnificant garden is Located across from City Hall in Rathaus Park.   Dr. Michael Haupl was the Mayor then.  City Councellor Isabella Kossina participated in this ceremony in Vienna and the following year in Rome.   

Peace Garden Rome Italy 2003

This stunning location is at Parko di Cellio near the Coliseum.  Mayor at the time was Walter Veltroni.  


Peace Garden Athens Greece 2004

This stylish garden evoking the dove, the symbol of peace,  is located in historic Akademia PLantanos Park.  Mayor at the time was Dora Bakoyannis.  She then became Minister of Foreign Affairs.  

Peace Garden Nicosia Cyprus 2005

This Peace Garden can be found  in the green zone, close to the Ledra Palace Check Point, the dividing gate that separates Muslum and Christian regions of Nicosia.   Then Mayor, Michael Zambelas  chose this location as a gesture of unification. 

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International Peace Garden 2001 Hiroshima , Japan 

International Peace Garden 2002 Vienna ,Austria

International Peace Garden 2003 Rome, Italy

International Peace Garden 2004 Athens, Greece

International Peace Garden 2005 Nicosia, Cyprus

International Peace Garden 2001 Hiroshima Japan

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