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International Peace Garden Foundation

Let the seeds of peace begin here and spread throughout the world

Gunther Knackstedt, German Ambassador to Poland, 92' 

"The Germans and Poles, neighbors for over a thousand years, stand presently, before an historic opportunity to the birth of a new enlarged Europe.  In this context it is important for the creation of a permanent friendship, immune to obstacles, for contacts to develop.   The creation of the International Peace Gardens is an important step on the road of better understanding between nations." Gunther Knackstedt, German Ambassador to Poland, 92' 


President Abel Pacheco, Costa Rica 99'

"Peace is a fundamental condition for life, progress and culture.  The fight for peace is a permanent job for every human being.  The idea of creating an International Peace Garden is an important contribution toward this ideal."  

San Jose

Mayor Dora Bakoyannis, 04'

"The dedication of the International Peace Garden gives the chance to the two countries' capital cities, Rome & Athens, to assert their political, as well as their cultural role and advance peace through their co-operation and friendship." 


Mayor Michael Zambelis, 05'

"During these critical days for the Greek Cypriots, the honor for the organization of the "Peace Garden" for 2005 by Nicosia accords with our aim for a fair and viable solution.  A workable solution in the context of the European Union." 


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