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International Peace Garden Foundation
"Let the seeds of peace begin here and spread throughout the world"

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to foster world peace. Over the past three decades, we’ve helped plant beautiful peace gardens in 23 different countries that honor that nation’s efforts in making the world more peaceful.

Each recipient country goes on to choose the next country to receive a garden, which has created a network of peace that spans the globe. 


But we need your help to continue our work.


With your support, we can stand up to the negativity in today’s world and continue to plant seeds of peace. Join our efforts and help make a difference in the world!  

The International Peace Garden Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(C) 3

organization initiated and managed by volunteers.


A Tax exempt certificate will be provided at year end , for US residents only.


We thank you for your kind generosity!


Simply SCROLL DOWN and choose how you would like to help by donating an amount that appeals to you most.


To publicly acknowledge your kind support and to protect your privacy we will publish only your first name and city .

Donation Form
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Thanks for Donating! You are now part of our growing world network!


How does my donation help our foundation?

Although a non-profit organization reinvests any incoming profit into its services, research, or local programs, it does require funding to operate daily such as rent, utilities, including regular costs such as internet, website costs and telephone bills 


A non-profit organization is like a for-profit organization in terms of operations, as it has common expenses in addition to flexible expenses such as hiring temporary help for the office programs, grant writers ,accountants and general operating costs.

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