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International Peace Garden Foundation
"Let the seeds of peace begin here and spread throughout the world"

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The International Peace Garden Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(C) 3

organization initiated and managed by volunteers.


Tax exempt certificate will be provided at year end , for US residents only.


We thank you for your kind generosity!

 Kindly complete all fields on the registration form to the left and Process Payment to

Register /Renew Your Honorary International Peace Garden.or Your Private Garden


We offer options to register or renew ,based on whether you charge an Entry Fee or Not.

OPTION 1: For an Honorary International PeaceGarden with an entry fee, Initial Registration is set at $250 USD

                                                            and renews annually at $200 USD.



OPTION 2: For an Honorary International Peace Garden with no entry fee. registration fee is set at $100 USD

and renews annually at $75 USD.

OPTION 3: For a Private Garden , Initial Registration is set at $25 USD

and renews annually at $25 USD.

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