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Resident Gardener USA Blog # 2

As the snow flies and the cold weather reigns, I begin the journey of planting all my bulbs and tubers for the peace gardens that I work on.

The soil, fertilizer and pots have all been stored away only to come out to sun light and warmth of my only sunny room. The ingredients needed for these tropical wonders are warmth, water, and soil rich in the food that they love.

I use an organic mix of loamy, sandy dirt. I place the tubers of cannas 2 to 3 inches below the soil and water in. The dahlias and other bulbs go a little deeper and are again watered in. I cover them with a plastic wrap to retain moisture and await their birth above the soil line.

This project will happen in the next two weeks.

I try to correspond with the weather and when I will be able to move the plants outdoors. In our area of the northeast, that won’t be until late April so starting the plants in March should time out right.

The effort I begin now will produce vibrant color when the planting begins in May for the peace gardens.

I am available for one on one consultation or for more information on my blog content, via email, as part of exclusive services available to those who register a garden. Go to the "Register Your Home Garden" Tab for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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