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New International Peace Garden 2017

New International Peace Garden in Mexico

International Peace Garden Foundation President Paula Savage announced today that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has been selected and honored, as the site of the 2017 International Peace Garden. The Peace Garden will be located at the Vallarta Botanical Garden along the approach to a new multi-faith chapel. “Puerto Vallarta is a leader in Mexico for respecting diversity of cultures and human rights, along with overlapping many of the priorities of the International Peace Garden Foundation“ said Paula Savage. “We look forward to working side by side with Puerto Vallarta to foster peace and global friendship”. The Vallarta Botanical Garden is accepting tax-deductible donations (Mexico, Canada, and the US) for this project. Please visit for more information.

Timeline and Overview

Plans are underway to complete the project by February for the planned dedication on February 16th, 2017. “The design includes ornamental terracing and access ramps for persons with disabilities. Plantings will focus on a combination of plants of the Holy Land and Mexican wildflowers. The intention will be to acknowledge the geographical region that gave birth to several of the leading world religions through plants that grow together in harmony with each other and with our native plants as well.” said Vallarta Botanical Garden Executive Director, Neil Gerlowski.


Canada presented the first Peace Garden to the United States in 1990 in recognition of their long-lasting friendship as they share the longest undefended border in the world for over 200 years. This began the tradition of naming recipient countries. The tulip became the official flower of the International Peace Gardens because of its significance in Canada, tied to World War II and the Dutch Royal Family.

The Foundation

The International Peace Garden Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1990 traveling the world to advance global friendship and international understanding through the creation of Peace Gardens. The Foundation and its programs are managed completely by volunteers working closely with foreign embassies, municipal governments, cultural organizations and individuals who share our vision. Presently there are twenty-two International Peace Gardens spanning five continents. Mexico is the second country in Central America to receive this honor. San Jose, Costa Rica was honored in 1999. The public is invited to submit their community or home gardens to be included in the newly established International Registry of Peace Gardens. Direct inquiries to More information about the Foundation can be at

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