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Welcome to our newly re=branded "Peace Garden Trail"!


This came about, since we are now beginning to add new gardens, not necessarily connected to our amazing, original "Bicentennial War of 1812 Peace Garden Trail"

Watch this space for exciting news in the coming months.

The Peace Garden Trail History 

Located in upper New York State this trail evolved initially from 2010 - 2016 and is home to our original "War of 1812 Bi=Centennial Peace Garden Trail". Honorary International Peace Gardens are dedicated at historic sites in the Great Lakes region of the United States. War of 1812 Bicentennial Peace Gardens celebrate the two hundred years of peace and longstanding friendship between the United States and Canada that share the world’s longest undefended boarder. 

These beautiful gardens are featured below and remain so named to this day.


Each garden is officially designated as an "Honorary International Peace Garden" and is a member, in good standing, of our "International Peace Garden Registry" on file.

Please note we are still constructing this page we expect to complete shortly


Honorary Peace Garden at Soduspoint

This Lovely garden and interpretive panel is Located at 8440 Bay Street, Sodus Point, New York on the south side of the road in the 1812 Peace Garden. 


Honorary Peace Garden at Oswego NY 

Part of a permanent trail of Peace Gardens established along an historic route where events of the War of 1812 determined the future of the US and the fate of many First Nations and Native American groups. The garden offers flowing paths lined with benches, a globe and a mill stone to signify the use of water for development of the land and a Grove of Nations. Open daily during daylight hours.


Honorary Peace Garden at Williamson Pultneyville Historical Society 

Located in the historic district in the hamlet of Pultnyville, the Society owns and manages 3 properties: the Society house at 4130 Mill Street, Centennial Park in the center of Pultneyville and Gates Hall across the street from the park. Gates Hall, built in 1825 by the community has been the venue for many historic events, including talks on religion, slavery, and women’s rights as well as preparing supplies for the Civil War. 

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